Children’s Continuous Sparring

Boy’s and Girls Continuous  under 25kg 30kg and 35kg
1st Tom SymonsE.C.K.A
2nd Molly CooperSpirit Sport Karate and Kickboxing
3rd Adrian GawrsiakE.C.K.A
Runners up
Daniel RainbirdE.C.K.A
Jack Roberts?????????
Luca ForintonCenturian
Boy’s Continuous under 35kg
1st Tom SymonsE.C.K.A
2nd Rhys ColemanTeam Evolution
3rd Gret GrenisImpact Gym
Runners Up
Jack PeckettImpact Gym
Ryan TwohigImpact Gym
Chris RaszpiaB.C.K.A
Boy’s Continuous  under 40kg and – 45kg
1st Conol MichaelP.K.A
2nd Michael PooleThe Den Fight Centre
Boy’s Continuous – under 60kg and – 65kg
1st Jack BristoweB.C.K.A
2nd George SmithWay of the Spituial Warrior
Girls Continuous under 45kg
1st Jessica StreetViper Martial Arts
2nd Georgia Robb??????
Girls Continuous under 55kg and 65kg
1st Casey MarshallImpact Gym
2nd Paige ThopsonE.C.K.A