Adults Continuous Sparring

Adults Continuous – Men’s Under 65kg and 70kg
Name School
1st Phil Crompton Impact Gym
2nd Bevan Prior Hicks Karate School of Excellence
Adults Continuous – Men’s Under 75kg
Name School
1st James Brown Evolution
2nd Brian Jukes ?????
3rd Andrew Fryer G.K.B
Runners up
Jonny Ginty G.K.B
Andrew Foster Team Evolution
Adults Continuous – Men’s Under 80kg and under 85kg
Name School
1st Ben Clarke Impact Gym
2nd Jack Layton Impact Gym
3rd Mike Stibley Evolution
Runners Up
Keith Twohig Impact Gym
Phil Houton Impact Gym
Dayton Smith Impact Gym
Harry Holmes Pride UK
Adults Continuous – Men’s Under 90kg and over 95kg
Name School
1st Reece Marshall Impact Gym
2nd Samuel Adekula Bushin MMA
3rd Graig Fleming E.F.K
Adults Continuous – Ladies Under 75kg and under 80kg
Name School
1st Cat Harris B.C.K.A
2nd Lucy Schofield E.F.K
3rd Louise Cooper B.C.K.A