Adult’s Points Sparring – 23rd June 2013

Ladies – Under 69kg – Beginners

Name School
1st Vicky Lee Didsbury Bba
2nd Reki Thompson E.C.K.A Kingsthorpe
3rd Becky Holrihon Pride UK

Ladies – Under 69kg Intermediate

Name School

1st Chloe Bibby E.F.K
2nd Chloe Prior Hicks Karate School
3rd Kelly Raven Triangle Freestyle

Ladies – Under 69kg Advanced

Name School

1st Atlanta Hickman Hicks Karate School
2nd Lauren Walsh Pitball mma
3rd Beth Revill ACMAC
Runners Up

Jessica Child BCKA
Chelsea Munday BCKA
Tammare Lambley GFKC

Ladies – Over 69kg – Intermediate and Advanced

Name School
1st Beth Revill ACMAC
2nd Chantelle Goodwin ABMAA
3rd Kludia Gawrysiak ECKA Kingsthorpe
Runners Up
Chloe Prior Hicks Karate School

Men’s – Under 64kg –  Beginners

Name School

1st Lee Sallivan T.F.K
2nd Brian Fallows Triangle

Men’s – Under 64kg – Advanced

Name School

1st Thomas Allsop Spirit Sport
2nd Tom Street B.C.K.A
3rd Leon Gold B.C.K.A
Runners Up

Daniel Campbell Hicks Karate School

Men’s – Under 74kg – Intermediate

Name School

1st Scott Wesley B.C.K.A
2nd Edmund Whitmore Didsboug
3rd Shaun Oavies Viper Martial Arts
Runners Up

Sam Clark Storm UK

Men’s – Under 74kg – Advanced

Name School

1st Courtney Brown B.C.K.A
2nd Grant Brown B.C.K.A
3rd Joe Cheethan Centurian
Runners Up

Leon Gold B.C.K.A
Bevan Prior Hicks Karate School
Richard McHugh Hicks Karate School
Aaron Godden B.C.K.A
Zac Culpin B.C.K.A
Simon Munday B.C.K.A
Christopher Curle A.C.M.A.C
Alan Bailey Maverick Freestyle
Garth Ford E.F.K
Aidan Pearl Storm UK

Men’s – Under 84kg –  Beginner and Intermediate

Name School

1st Scott Wesley BCKA
2nd Dayne Lowe TEK
3rd Max Wallace Triangle Freestyle

Men’s – Under 84kg – Advanced

Name School

1st Grant Brown B.C.K.A
2nd Mark Davey Maverick Freestyle
3rd Daniel Meengham T.F.K
Runners Up

Jamie Key Horncartle

Men’s – Over 84kg –  Beginner

Name School

1st Guy Wooding Pit bull mma
2nd Aidan Green Melton Moubray
3rd Rob Smith Storm UK
Runners Up

Tim Macgregor Viper Martial Arts

Men’s – Over 84kg –  Intermediate

Name School

1st David Fletcher A.C.M.A.C
2nd Chris Barrett Triangle
3rd Scott Faull Hicks Karate School
Runners Up
Matt Clayton Pit bull mma

Men’s – Over 84kg – Advanced

Name School

1st Grant Brown B.C.K.A
2nd Lee Cutsforth A.C.M.A.C
3rd James Wright Centurian
Runners Up

Stephen Reilly Hicks Karate School
Scott Robinson Gao Shin Karate